Adventure Info

The first adventure we’ll run is The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde. It’s set in the Silver Marches region of Faerun, on the southern edge of the Nether Mountains and north of The Talons.

Centuries ago, forces of good and evil collided in a titanic battle at the mountain fortress of Slaughtergarde. Armies of mortals and angels fought and defeated a rampaging demon horde, banishing its demon prince, and tore Slaughtergarde apart, hurling it back into the Abyss. However, the destruction of Slaughtergarde was incomplete. Parts of the fortress were embedded underneath the Valley of Obelisks, buried for all time. Now, malign forces have found Slaughtergarde’s dark chambers, and they toil ceaselessly to restore the magic gates that will reconnect Slaughtergarde to the Abyss. If they aren’t stopped, a new demon horde may emerge from the shattered fortress to rampage across the world.

PC Generation Parameters

Character starting level will be 1st. All races and base classes in the Player’s Handbook are allowed (any others will need to be approved by me first). Any non-evil character alignment is allowed. Ability scores will be generated using the standard point buy system as detailed on page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide, with players having 25 points to spend on their scores.

I will be adapting the adventures we play to be set in the Forgotten Realms, starting in 1472 DR. Characters will need to pick a region from The Player’s Guide to Faerun (I have the book if you don’t have access to it). Get with me if you’re not planning to choose the recommended sub-race for the region. Players will start with bonus equipment for their region or 100gp, whichever you prefer.

Forgotten Realms Premade Module Campaign

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